How to Prevent Falls in Construction | Falls continue to plague the construction industry and according to OSHA, are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. In most cases, accidents that become fatal were due to workers not wearing their fall protection properly – if at all – or ...

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How to Combat and Avoid Drowsy Driving | Everyone knows that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is incredibly dangerous and should not be done under any circumstances. However, how often have you gotten on the road early in the morning after a late night? How many times have you driv...

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The Sources of Cyber Risk in the Construction Industry | Construction is one of the few industries today that is not data production-driven. However, many factors have exposed construction companies to a host of new threats, making the need for cybersecurity a critical risk management consideration.

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How to Prevent Falls in Construction | Falls continue to plague the construction industry and according to OSHA, are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. In most cases, accidents that become fatal were due to workers not wearing their fall protection properly – if at all – or ...

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How to Combat and Avoid Drowsy Driving | Everyone knows that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is incredibly dangerous and should not be done under any circumstances. However, how often have you gotten on the road early in the morning after a late night? How many times have you driv...

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Are There Any Summer Driving Safety Risks to Look Out For? | On the surface, driving through a summer heat wave with the windows down and sunroof open may seem quite serene. However, there are a handful of reasons why the summer months aren’t lacking in the danger department. In spite of all its ...

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The Qualities of a Great Construction Project Manager | All great construction projects require the efforts of countless skilled workers, hundreds of specific tasks, and the leadership of a great construction project manager. There are certain qualities that would make someone a great constructio...

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What happens if key machinery fails during a construction project? Machinery failures can occur at any point in time, even if machinery is properly maintained. Whether a machine encounters an unexpected difficulty or has manufacturer flaws, a project could be delayed — and that can cost a constru...

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Did you know that approximately 13% of drivers across the country fail to carry auto insurance coverage? Last week, we discussed what can happen to you if you get caught out on the road without car insurance. But what happens if you’re fully covered and you wind up in an accident with someone who...

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Insurance Services

  • General Liability

    Purchasing liability insurance is at the top of the to-do list for any new company, and for those in business for a while, regardless of the size of your operation, reviewing your coverage is prudent to ensure your assets are properly protected. Whether you’re a start-up or large global corporation, take the time to have experienced and knowledgeable insurance professionals assess your general liability insurance. You may be surprised to find that your insurance has coverage gaps or even duplicate coverage.Daniels Insurance Agency, with nearly 80 years of insuring businesses throughout New Mexico, is ready to go over your operations, review your coverage and let you know where improvements can be made.Liability insurance protects a company’s assets and pays for obligations – medical costs, for example –incurred if someone gets hurt on your property or when there are property damages or injuries caused by you or your employees.
  • Commercial Property

    Eight decades of serving the business communities of New Mexico has provided us at Daniels Insurance Agency with the experience to place the right coverage at the right price for our clients. We’ll negotiate on your behalf with top-tier, financially strong insurance companies to secure superior property insurance, coverage terms and enhancements tailored to your industry and specific operational needs. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind so that if and when a disaster strikes your insurance program is ready to respond.
  • Builders Risk

    At Daniels Insurance Agency, we specialize in insuring contractors – from general contractors to artisans – throughout New Mexico. We offer a full portfolio of insurance solutions for construction firms including builder’s risk insurance, which covers the interest of owners, contractors, subcontractors, and others involved in a construction project. The policy insures them for the risks of property damage to the project. Generally, builder’s risk policies are intended to apply during the course of construction, erection, or fabrication, and may also be utilized to insure projects in which existing property is being renovated.
  • Commercial Auto

    Firms with company vehicles look to purchase auto insurance, but there are other businesses also exposed to automobile liability risks that need this coverage. That’s right, even those companies without any company-owned cars or trucks have business auto exposures. Daniels Insurance Agency is available to review your operation and discuss where you may be leaving your business open to a liability loss involving an auto accident.No matter what type of vehicle your employees use to conduct business on behalf of your firm—their own auto, a company vehicle, or a rented car—if they are responsible for an accident while on the job, your company could be held liable for the resulting injuries or damage. For example, you may send your employee to make a delivery in his or car, or a salesperson may rent a car while on a business trip, or an employee uses his or her car to grab lunch for the entire office.
  • Commercial Umbrella

    Everyone looks to the individual or company with deep pockets when something goes very wrong. In fact, litigation against businesses is quite common today with judgments in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars no longer the exception. One costly lawsuit could bankrupt a company or significantly impact its growth and profits. Having the right insurance program is critical in mitigating your risk in the event of an accident or injury that results in a liability lawsuit. This includes not only having adequate liability limits under your primary, underlying policies, but also looking at your risk tolerance and determining if you need additional coverage in the form of a commercial umbrella policy.
  • Executive Liability

    Company executives are responsible for not only running a tight ship but also navigating the business to greater profitability. With these responsibilities come many decisions fraught with risk and the potential for litigation, including from shareholders, employees and outside parties. Protecting the company and executives from these risks is critical to your firm’s growth.At Daniels Insurance Agency, we offer a portfolio of executive liability insurance products designed to respond to the diverse exposures of a firm and its management, including lawsuits involving directors and officers, employment practices disputes and allegations of fiduciary missteps or negligence. It’s important to note that a general liability policy is not designed to respond to these types of exposures, which is why additional protection is required.
  • Professional Liability

    As architects, attorneys, accountants, designers, physicians, financial planners, mortgage bankers, title agents, real estate agents, property developers, and other professionals, your clients rely on your expertise, skills and advice. That’s why they turn to you time and again. Our professional clients also rely on us for our insurance expertise to properly protect them from the unexpected, and have done so for eight decades.Whether you are designing a luxury home for a new client in Taos, managing the design/build for a new commercial retail complex in Albuquerque, practicing family law in Santa Fe, or handling the accounting for businesses throughout New Mexico, you are held to a high level of standards within your industry. When a dispute arises alleging your performance – or lack of performance – caused a client financial damage, you could end up in litigation.
  • Cyber Liability

    Today’s businesses – no matter what industry, no matter what size – are exposed to cyber threats every day if they partake in on-line transactions, store private information on their clients and employees and are connected to the Internet. Top data targets include intellectual property and databases of personal information about employees, partners, suppliers and customers, which can be used for identity theft and fraud. Losses are both direct and indirect, with many businesses citing downtime or lost productivity as a costly side effect of cyber criminal activity. Yet despite increased media coverage of high-profile breaches, many executives still believe their organizations have no valuable data and will not be targeted. Daniels Insurance Agency is committed to educating clients on the high risk of data breaches and other related exposures and the need for cyber liability insurance to address these exposures.
  • Construction

    We’ve have been part of the fabric of New Mexico’s business communities for eight decades and during this time have seen the region grow exponentially, built at the hands of fine construction firms. We are proud to say that Daniels Insurance Agency has insured many of those projects that dot our landscape. We serve the broad construction segment including those in excavation, paving, land clearing, residential construction, commercial construction, pool construction and more.
  • Electricians

    Daniels Insurance Agency has been a part of the business community throughout New Mexico since 1937, protecting firms from the risks they face. We specialize in various industries, including electricians. Our expertise in providing insurance for electricians has served our customers well – from Albuquerque to Santa Fe and Hobbs. Our clients connect with us for the knowledge needed to properly insure their property and liability exposures. We would like to connect with you, too. We also can provide you with professional liability, employment practices liability, and cyber liability insurance coverages. Our electricians insurance program covers a wide range of risk sizes, and is tailored appropriately to address the needs of large businesses, smaller shops, and the self-employed.
  • Hospitality

    Throughout New Mexico, Daniels Insurance Agency provides the protection the hospitality industry needs to protect its people, property, assets and reputation. Our reach includes covering the hotel sector, including limited-service and full-service hotels, resorts and spas, hotel condominiums and hotel management firms. We also provide insurance protection for restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, golf courses, ski resorts and other hospitality properties.Our goal is to transfer our clients’ risk, improve their safety, reduce claims costs and help make their operations more profitable. This involves building a cost-effective property insurance program, reviewing business interruption and contingent business interruption exposures and the coverage available to help protect income flow when a loss causes operational disruptions, assessing employment practices to reduce workplace issues and mitigate claims, analyzing safety programs and compliance to stem on-the-job injuries and accidents.
  • Oil & Gas

    New Mexico has been a major producer of oil and natural gas since hydrocarbons were first discovered in the state during the early 1920s. Today, the industry is a linchpin of the state’s economy. In fact, New Mexico is the 7th largest natural gas producer and 8th in natural gas reserves in the United States, the 5th largest producer of crude oil in the continental U.S., and ranks 6th in crude oil reserves. It’s estimated that anywhere from 15 to 25% of state government revenue comes from the oil and gas industry.Daniels Insurance Agency supports the oil and gas industry and its growth with end-to-end insurance and risk management solutions designed to control losses and protect the value of the business and your equipment. We understand the highly specialized needs of businesses operating in the oil and gas industry.
  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing is an important part of New Mexico’s economy. In fact, according to the National Association of Manufacturers, the manufacturing sector represents 7.4% of the share of the total gross state product. Moreover, many companies continue to expand or relocate here because of the benefits our great state offers, including a highly qualified workforce, an excellent transportation infrastructure, affordable business locations and financial incentives.At Daniels Insurance Agency, we’re proud of our commitment to supporting the sustained and future growth of manufacturers throughout New Mexico with comprehensive insurance and risk management programs. You get the benefit of our unparalleled service, deep expertise and experience backed by access to financially strong insurance companies to offer you an affordable insurance package.We insure a broad range of manufacturers – from machine shops and metal goods manufacturing to plastic goods, electronics, food & glass.
  • Automobile

    Since 1937, residents throughout New Mexico have come to Daniels Insurance Agency for their personal auto insurance. They know when they come to us we’ll find the right policy at the right price. We can do the same for you. We offer a broad scope of auto insurance coverages, customizing the limits, deductibles and features to address your specific situation. Whether you’re a family of six with two cars, a single woman who drives 25 miles to work, or retired and purchasing a Hybrid, we have the insurance companies and the options to offer you real choice.
  • Home Owners & High Value Homes

    Whether you own one of the region’s original homes or you are moving into something new, you need homeowners insurance to protect what could be the biggest investment of your life. Daniels Insurance Agency serves clients throughout New Mexico, providing custom products to protect your home and assets.We will assess your current coverage and what it will take to replace the structure in the event of a loss, the assets you have at risk if there were an injury or accident on your premises and other important issues. If you are purchasing a home, we understand how critical it is to get you the coverage you need on a timely basis.We also work with several insurance companies, including those who specialize in high-value homeowners that can best serve your specific needs. A homeowners insurance policy is made up of several key components, designed to protect you in the event of a fire, theft or other loss as well as respond should you find yourself a target of a lawsuit because of an injury.
  • Personal Umbrella

    Umbrella insurance is designed to respond if the limits of your other liability policies, such as those on your auto or homeowners policies, are not enough to cover costs associated with an injury you cause to someone or damage to their property. At Daniels Insurance Agency, we want to see our clients fully protected from lawsuits and other liability claims – which is why we recommend personal umbrella insurance to our clients. Certain individuals and households have a higher liability risk than others. For example, those with a swimming pool, spa, or trampoline tend to have liability risks that exceed the ordinary. Those with significant assets also want the protection that a personal umbrella policy provides.The high cost of medical treatment is enough to make one stop and think about how much a bad accident could run. What’s more, multi-million-dollar judgments today are not uncommon.
  • Group Health

    Group health insurance is the single most important employee benefit a company can provide, helping to attract and retain key employees. But providing good health coverage has become increasingly difficult for employers due to rising costs and the many provisions to navigate under the Affordable Care Act. Daniels Insurance Agency is ready to help you find the right plan for your business.We work with several health insurance providers that offer a variety of group health insurance plans designed to save you and your employees money and increase wellness. Whether you’re a smaller company or a large corporation, in the private or public sector, we have group health coverage plans designed to meet your specific needs. Our staff at Daniels Insurance Agency will review the available options with you to see what is the best health insurance fit for your business and employees.
  • Group Life

    Protecting our loved ones is why most of us look to purchase life insurance, which is why companies are increasingly offering group life insurance as a way to help employees get the peace of mind they need should something happen to them. Group life insurance is an important aspect of your employee benefits package, as increasingly more employees rely on it to provide financial security for their families. At Daniels Insurance Agency, we can help you design a group life insurance plan to meet the coverage needs of your employees and their families. Group life plans allow the employer to buy a master policy and then issue certificates of participation in the plan. Although each employee is underwritten as part of the employer’s group and no one is denied coverage based on a medical condition, an employee typically has the right to keep their coverage and convert it to an individual policy when they leave the employer (with some restrictions).
  • Group Disability

    Employer-sponsored disability insurance is an important component of a company’s employee benefits package. For the majority of workers, the ability to earn a living is their most significant financial asset. Lengthy periods of disability can be financially devastating to workers and their families. Protection against that risk lies in disability income insurance, a product that can provide income to an employee should he or she become sick or injured and unable to work. It can protect workers and their families against financial catastrophe by helping them meet daily expenses.Daniels Insurance Agency can provide your business with group disability coverage as part of our employee benefits offering. Group disability insurance provides income replacement to enable employees who are disabled to pay bills, including mortgages and college expenses, and to maintain an accustomed standard of living.
  • Group Dental

    Investing in oral health is an investment in one’s overall health, with increasingly more employees looking at benefit packages to include group dental insurance. At Daniels Insurance Agency, we can assist you in offering this benefit while meeting both your and your employees’ objectives. There are a number of plans available from the insurance providers with which we work to secure the right program for your business. As a business owner, you can set your company apart and gain a competitive edge in recruiting top talent with group dental insurance. You can offer a traditional plan, where employees can choose their own dentist and receive more flexibility and higher coverage levels for dental work. Or, you can opt for a preferred provider plan, a prevention and minor-restorative plan, or a dental health maintenance organization (DHMO) plan.Each plan comes with its own deductible structure and rules, but all provide affordable options for both employers and employees.

Daniels Insurance Inc

Since opening our doors in 1937, Daniels Insurance Agency has been dedicated to addressing the diverse insurance needs of businesses and residents throughout New Mexico. From large and complex risks to start-ups, small companies and Main-Street businesses, we have the experience and expertise to provide specialized coverages to transfer and mitigate risk. As one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the State of New Mexico, we have established longstanding partnerships with leading insurers that enable us to secure custom coverage for many large accounts that have had difficulty finding a home for their insurance along with high limits of liability. 

We provide critical risk management and loss control to business clients to help improve your risk profile, minimize injuries and accidents and enhance your overall attractiveness to insurers. We also can help you attract and retain talent with a broad portfolio of employee benefits.

Daniels Insurance provides residents with personal lines insurance, including specialized coverage and services to meet the unique risks of high-value homeowners.

With three locations in Hobbs, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, our staff is ready to provide you with the quality service you should expect from your insurance consultant. All three offices have a number of producers, customer service representatives, and staff members. In addition, all our producers are licensed, with several of our customer service reps also licensed and holding special insurance designations such as AAI, CPIW, CIC and CPCU. Our fully automated agency supports our commitment to address your needs on a timely basis.

Daniels Insurance Agency is a proud member of Assurex Global, which partners with the most prominent independent agents and brokers in the world. We’re also a member of the Independent Agents & Brokers of America, a national alliance of business owners and their employees who offer a wide range of insurance and financial services products.  

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